Bio-Med Devices 2003FF (NEO2)

Sale price$970.00


NEO2 Blend with 3.5 lpm and 15 lpm flowmeters

Available w/ two 15 lpm flowmeters or 1 lpm and 15 lpm flowmeters (2003FF15, 2003FF1)

For the smallest patients where accuracy matters



Part Number: 2003F

Flow Range: 0 to 30 LPM

Input Port Fittings: DISS 

Output Port Fittings: DISS

Output Port Flow Range: Left – 0-15 LPM Flowmeter (green O2 label) Bottom – 3-30 LPM (no bleed) 0-30 LPM (with bleed) Right – Knob to switch bleed on & off

Bleed for Flows <3 LPM: 3 LPM

Size: 5.6W x 6.7H x 4.6D inches 14.2W x 17.0H x 11.7D cm

Weight: 3.5 lbs./1.6Kg


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