Bio-Med Devices 2003FF (NEO2)

Model: 2003FF
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The NEO2 Blend series represents the ideal blender model for the NICU application. It comes with a 0-15 lpm flow meter close mounted to the left hand side (this makes an perfect spot to attach a resuscitation bag). The right side comes installed with either a 0-1, 0-3.5, or 1-15 lpm flowmeter (depending on the model you choose), which allows for use with a nasal cannula, CPAP, etc. The right side flow meter is installed on an integrated bleed control switch: when the right side is not needed, the bleed flow (3 lpm) can be disabled by pushing and rotating the flow meter forward when needed, simply return it to the upright position and use as desired.

2 Blend model features a 0-15 lpm flow meter very close mounted to the left side of the blender. This keeps the footprint as small as possible and minimizes the amount of wall space required. The Right side flow meter can be configured with three different options (depending on the needs and practice of the unit), but has a unique feature in that the bleed flow (3 lpm) can be disabled when the right side flowmeter is not needed, by simply pushing the flow meter in towards the body of the blender and rotating forward. To use the right side, simply rotate the flow meter to the upright position and the flow meter will automatically lock into place.

Oxygen Concentration Range;    21-100%
Number of ports;     2 or 3 (2 occupied by flow meters, bottom port present on 2003FFA model)
Left Flow-meter Range;   3-15 lpm (1-15 if bleed is on)
Right Flow-meter Range;   0-1.0, 0-3.5, 1-15 (with 3 lpm bleed on-flowmeter in upright position)
Accuracy;   +/- 3% full scale
Bleed Flow;   3 lpm (when active)

​Ordering Information

2003FF1    NEO2 Blend with 15 lpm and 1.0 lpm flowmeters (green oxygen labeling)
2003FF      NEO2 Blend with 15 lpm and 3.5 lpm flowmeters (green oxygen labeling)
2003FF15  NEO2 Blend with 15 lpm and 15 lpm flowmeters (green oxygen labeling)


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