Bio-Med Devices 2003FL

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This model is ideal for the Labor and Delivery settting where generally only a single 0-15 lpm flow meter is needed for resuscitation purposes. It comes with the 0-15 lpm flow meter close mounted to the body of the blender. This can be important, since more often, the medical equipment is hidden in small alcoves behind picture frames (until needed), where space is very limited. The bleed control switch allows the bleed flow to be disabled. This can save costs by allowing the blender to be connected and ready, but not be wasting 3 lpm of gas 24 x 7 when not in use. This may be absolutely necessary in units where air may not be piped in. 
​The 2003FL features a close mounted 0-15 lpm flow meter on the left side that keeps the footprint of this blender much smaller than a flow meter installed on a traditional blender with a DISS fitting. The bleed control knob on the right side allows for gas savings when flows are used at flows higher than 3 lpm (or when not in use) by disabling the bleed flow. When precise accuracy below 3 lpm is needed, bleed flow can be enabled. It also features a bottom DISS port.

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