Bio-Med Devices 2004F7015

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The 2004F7015 is the ultimate configuration for the high flow nasal cannula setup. It features a 0-70 lpm flow meter on the left side and a 0-15 lpm flow meter on the right side. This will allow it to be used for the full patient population. The right side flow meter is installed with an integrated bleed control switch. The flow meter can be rotated forward, thus turning off the bleed flow when it is not needed. Then simply rotating the flow meter to the upright position allows lower flow usage on the right side.

​A 0-70 lpm flow meter is close mounted to the left side,  and the right side features a 0-15 lpm flow meter that is still mounted closer than a typical flow meter mounted to a standard DISS port would be. This configuration provides the high range for pediatric and adult use, as well as the low range for neonatal use, and does so in a very compact blender. It is also as gas efficient as a High/Low Flow model can be since the bleed only needs to be activated when the Low Flow application is in use.

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